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it’s all in my head: advent calendars

I seem to be the sort that gets caught up on a tangent. My sister-in-law noticed when I began pinning millions (okay…a bit of an exaggeration) of short hair styles on Pinterest. She texted me with a, “Are you cutting your hair?!?” to which I responded, “I’m thinking about it. What are your thoughts?” Naturally she wanted me to do it; after all, she is a hair stylist by trade.

I wish I could say this was an isolated incident. I often will focus on something until my mind threatens to explode. Perhaps a new craft-y method to try (like when I was fixated with felting), growing and preserving herbs (a recent obsession), watching tutorial after tutorial on a particular art technique (my summer-time week of watching acrylic pour painting videos, and by the way, I never did try). So…ya. that’s me.

Which brings me to this new post: “it’s all in my head {what’s on my mind, on my wish list or in my shopping cart}” (I can see this becoming a regular deal). I humbly admit that I always have something in a virtual shopping cart somewhere. As one who loves lists, I invariably have a running wish list (or two or twenty) on multiple sites as well. Suffice it to say I always have something on the go.

Today, I spent a quiet morning relaxing while I surfed the internet on our first day home from a long trip “home” (this was a lovely time with family and old friends…our Alberta girl even met us there!). What began as a few moments Christmas shopping, turned into an hour of looking at advent calendars. Yes, my mind wanders, but there is a connection. Agreed?  Christmas shopping to countdown to Christmas with an advent calendar.


I started out looking at lovely, fillable calendars like these on (Click on image to go to Look below to see some similar items at


Then, I switched over to kids’ toy advent calendars.  Because, you know, the cheap foil-wrapped chocolate kind is très passé.

              ..     .        .            .

The kids have so much stuff…perhaps a basic countdown would be better.


Deterred somewhat by the cost of some of the items, I then began a Pinterest search. Surely I could make something.  Something just right.  Something, perchance, that would focus on the Saviour, or giving of oneself, or activities to enjoy.  This, of course, was merely a justification to continue wasting time.

Candy-filled stars at House of Jade
Names of Jesus at Margo’s Junkin Journal
Decorate an advent tree at This Mama’s Dance

Adriel Booker has a great list of Christmas countdown activities from service to spiritual to just-for-fun.  You can check out more great advent ideas on my christmas {countdown} Pinterest board.

Now the question is:  Will I actually follow through on any of these calendars?  Maybe I can shop or create vicariously through you, friend.  Hope you’re inspired to get yourself counting the days till Christmas.

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Here are some lovely items from, as promised:

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