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mother’s day blessings

I am blessed to have a wonderful mom. My mom always sees the best in me, and loves me without conditions. I don’t need a special day to verbalize this, but it is a good reminder not to take important people in my life for granted.

If you know me, or have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I have a growing clan. Six children have multiplied into a total of almost 19! It is one of my most privileged roles in life to be momma (or Mommo, as some like to call me), mother-in-law (though I hope it’s more mom and less in-law) and gramma to this wonderful, crazy brood of mine.

Though some would say that Mother’s Day is a “Hallmark” holiday, I’m not going to say “no” to some extra lovin’ or some quality chocolate!

Having said that, there are many who find this holiday especially difficult, and it makes one wonder how we can celebrate without rubbing salt in their wounds. The last few years, I have tried to recognize these individuals in my Mother’s Day wishes.

Mother’s Day thoughts and blessings for our Lovelies:

May those who are raising or have raised children, and those who have embraced the children of others as their very own be blessed today. What a privilege we, as women, have to whisper love into the hearts of the littles–and big ones, too–that God has planted in our lives.

I am praying for those grieving mommas whose arms are empty when they should be wrapped around a precious child. I am praying for those women whose deepest desire is to be called momma by a sweet little voice, but are not.

I am praying for the momma who condemns herself for all her perceived failures in parenthood. I am praying for the distraught momma who cries herself to sleep as she worries and prays over her ‘baby’ that is caught up in poor choices or over the illness of her beloved child.

I am thinking of the children, young and old, who wish to kiss the cheek of the woman who brought them into this world, but are separated today by restrictions or distance or forever by passing.

May each of you be enveloped in God’s love and joy today.

Here’s a printable, if you’re interested…


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