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today is a good day

I’ve been slack when it comes to writing here. I get other things in my head and just get overly focused–at least until I’m distracted by the next thing. That’s why I often forget to document the process of the projects and recipes I share. I decided to go through some posts that I’d started, but–in typical-for-me fashion–not finished.

This post is perfect as it is an anniversary post of sorts. It was one year ago yesterday. So in commemoration of May 4, 2019, here it is with a few additions and updates…

Even as I begin to write, while the day is still in its infancy, I know.

Today is a good day.

I am not studying the effects of positive thinking, or claiming the desires of my heart. I’m not able to see the future; I haven’t found a time machine that will allow me to make it so. It is a good day because something special is happening.

My cb girl and her family arrive today!

They are not just coming for a visit (though I would be extremely thankful for a visit from any of my children).

They are moving here!

Four [edit 5] years ago, we packed our things, said good-bye to our family and friends and made the move to Canada’s East Coast to plant a church in a small seaside town.

This was an exciting new adventure, but oh-so-difficult. Saying good-bye to my mom, my kids and grandlittles and dear friends and family was crazy hard. Many tears, many second, third and fourth thoughts. However, we felt God’s call and were compelled to follow it. (You can read about it here.)

We have made a wonderful life here and love the people that God has placed us amongst. It is home now, but there will always be a sense of home where our loved ones are.

Our cb girl and her husband had been feeling a stirring from the Lord that there would be changes in store for them early on in their marriage. Their hearts were turned to ministry, they just didn’t know what it would look like.

They came to visit the first year of our transition and were smitten. Now this land is beyond beautiful: lofty mountains and fertile valleys, rivers and lakes of every kind (fresh, brackish, briny and saltwater), babbling brooks and the ever-changing sea, dramatic cliffs and serene beaches. However, it is also remote in many ways; it’s quite different from our bustling southern Ontario roots.

They began to pray. As time went on, they felt that, perhaps, the east coast was their calling, as well. Roadblocks popped up here and there: health problems, pregnancies, and the like. Who knows, maybe my cb girl will share her own story here someday…

Eventually, in God’s perfect timing, the process surged into high gear. They began making plans for the move. We were able to procure a rental for them (no small feat around here!), cleaned and stocked and waited with great anticipation…

For today. This wonderfully, good day.

Now, this year has been an adjustment–this quarantine not withstanding–but they have settled in, found work, and jumped into ministry with both feet. Our cb girl is directing our music program and our son-in-love is Pastor of Children’s Ministry, looking after Sunday school and he’s begun a kids’ club.

We love having regular visits and family dinners (except the last few weeks–curse you Covid19). Having some of our grandlittles around regularly does this gramma’s heart a world of good. Our younger kids at home are so thankful for having siblings around again. Coming from a large family, ‘small’ family dynamics was an adjustment for them.

We are blessed, indeed.

Our cb girl recorded this song at home and shared to our church page yesterday, along with these thoughts:
Today is our anniversary! On this day of celebration, I wanted to share a song that has brought great comfort over this year of transition.

Through it all, our eyes are on you and it is well with our souls. It’s a good day.


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