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vanishing act

If you’ve been around this blog for awhile, you’ll see a definite pattern. I’ll be writing strong and steady for a time, then I’ll seem to disappear from the face of the earth. My vanishing act regularly occurs in the summer months. This year has been no different.

While there is an aspect of lazy summer days enjoying sun-soaked beaches and evening campfires, there is also the busyness associated with a revolving door of company. Not many people come for winter visits in this part of the world. I love spending time with friends and family and, frankly, I don’t want to miss it to sit down at my computer to write.

While I love to have our memories captured in photos, I find I frequently forget to bring my phone. I’m sure this frustrates those trying to reach me, but the upside is that I’m just enjoying the moment. (Please don’t get me wrong–I’m not against taking photos–in fact, I’m thankful for those that do, so I can snag them off of Facebook!) My Love often reminisces about simpler times, when we were not tied to our phones, compelled to respond to every method of communication at any given time.

Most of the year “requires” a significant part of my day with my laptop at hand. Email and social media (personal and business), homeschooling, Bible study, digitizing artwork and creating digital designs, church planning and correspondence and such, blogging, perusing, learning, entertainment–all of these seem to take place on the computer. While my computer doesn’t get completely ignored in the summer, it certainly gets a good break.

My vanishing act actually occurred early this year. My cb girl and her sweet little family moved to the east coast this spring! Their desire is to join us in the ministry, specifically children’s and music ministries. This is a blessing to us on so many levels! The Lord’s hand is evident in their move. A home was found with little trouble–no small feat, let me assure you; it took us more than a year to find a home in the church-plant town. Also, they were able to secure jobs right away that are flexible enough to adapt to our babysitting availability and their transportation needs. (Their home is 20 minutes away and my cb girl is legally blind so can’t drive.)

This momentous occasion was almost immediately followed by an onslaught of guests: ministry teams, my df girl’s boyfriend, family and friends. There was a wedding (plus counselling sessions with the bride and groom) and a funeral in the midst. The culmination event was My Love’s ordination ceremony. What a wonderful evening that was!

Now, with a quiet house–for this week anyway–I am sitting at my computer just catching up. Hope you all had a lovely summer, filled with beautiful memories, surrounded by friends and family, reminded to take some time to just breathe and savour these precious moments.


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