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spring floral watercolour {with a twist}

My Love recently gave me a lovely bunch of yellow tulips on my birthday. (Could anything be more sunshine-y, save the sun itself?). It was looking a little lonely on my table. I put it on a tray. Then added a cute fringed towel. It still looked alone.

I got it into my head that I’d like to paint some eggs for Easter. I thought at first I’d boil eggs, then paint them with food colouring. Then I decided that I would blow out the eggs so I could watercolour them and display them in my sweet domed glass dish.

It just so happened that I’d watched a spring flower painting class by Neesha on Skillshare. It was very enjoyable and inspired me to paint a couple of these spring-y florals (plus a pansy) on my prepared eggs.

Now, if you’ve never blown eggs before, it can be a little intimidating…and perhaps a little icky. If you need to see it, you can watch this funny video. I just used a thumbtack to poke a hole at either end. You can also use an aspirator, placed over the top hole and squeezed until the insides are out, if you’re squeamish about doing it the old-fashioned way. Ummm…to clarify here, you use the aspirator to push the inside out, not suck them out.

Make a few test runs of your designs on paper. Then just go to it. Make it simple or make it detailed. It won’t matter…it’ll be beautiful. Paint the whole thing. Add some speckles. Make a multicoloured egg. Be creative with patterns. Have fun. I just made three eggs, each with a simple flower: foxglove, hyacinth, and pansies. I really wanted to keep going…some pale blue speckled eggs would be a pretty touch. But I only had three eggs.

Once they were dry, I placed some shredded, crinkled Kraft paper (I can’t throw anything out…I have used this packing stuff over and over again) in the base of my dish to form a little nest. My eggs snuggled on top and I covered it all with the cloche or dome…whatever it’s called.

My tray still feels a little barren or out of proportion (although not as out of proportion as this photo makes it seem–the angle gives a weird perspective for whatever reason). Perhaps if I place the glass dish on a cake server?

Anyway…it was a fun diversion from my duties this morning.

I hope you’ll give it a try, too. Get the kids involved and have fun!

Joining the fun over here:
Farmhouse Friday at The Painted Hinge


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