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kitchen mishaps

Ever have ‘one of those days’? You know the kind…from the moment you get outta bed, things just go decidedly wrong.

As I went to get dressed this morning, I put on a top. Inside out. Turned it right-side out. Backward. Turned it around. Ugh…I don’t like this top. On to another.

I just knew it was going to be one of those days.

In the spirit of being real here: things often go wrong in my kitchen. I tend to do too many things at one time to do any of them well. (This is kinda me, in general.) Ummm, I am also on the clumsy side.

Even as a child…

I spilled my drink at every. single. meal. My first attempt at frosting? I was certain the recipe called for two cups of milk, instead of two tablespoons. I went through a lot of icing sugar trying to make that one work.

Just a couple of weeks ago…

We were having first-time dinner guests. My Love was cooking the meal–that was awesome. All that was left to me was dessert, so I could have some fun with it. More than two hours and a bajillion dollars in ingredients (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little…but I definitely splurged on good quality chocolate and cashews) were invested to make a beautiful triple chocolate mousse cake. Fudge-y, chocolate and cashew brownie base. Creamy chocolate mousse filling and luscious chocolate ganache on top, spilling beautifully over the sides. Oh my…it was gonna be good. I managed to put it into the fridge with no problems. I decided to do a quick freeze before adding the pièce de résistance: the silky chocolate ganache. You see where this is goin’, don’t ya. As I carefully removed my creation from the fridge, the outside of of my springform pan decided to prematurely divorce itself from the bottom.

Splattt. My heart sank as I beheld my beautiful cake on the kitchen floor. Thankfully, we had just cleaned the floor so my girl (don’t judge her–this was too good to pass up) got out a spoon and indulged a little anyway. But as for my guests? They would be dessert-less. On the bright side, this family runs a bakery (you see the dessert-pressure here) and brought delicious tarts–including butter tarts, my Love’s absolute favourite!

Back to this particular ‘one of those days’ morning…

On Saturday I had prepped my hot meal for our pot luck lunch for church, so my morning should have been fairly relaxed with only dessert to make. Hmmmm….seems to be a common thread here. Perhaps ’tis a sign I should just skip dessert.

I had planned on making this delicious looking banana pudding cake, but alas, only two eggs.

No problem. I always keep a couple of cake mixes on hand for dessert emergencies. (Yes, dessert can truly be an emergency.) No icing sugar. Grrr.

Alright, pineapple upside-down cake would work. Grabbed the mix and a can of pineapple. Emptied the contents of the mix into my bowl, added eggs and oil. Went to drain the pineapple juice for the liquid addition. Whattt??? Canned corn. This cannot be happening. How does one confuse canned corn with pineapple? I cannot give an answer.

Mad rummaging for an actual can of pineapple was fruitless (pardon the pun) but I did manage to find a can of blueberry pie filling. Turning to Google’s wealth of knowledge, I entered yellow cake mix and blueberry pie filling. Wouldn’t you know it–that’s actually a thing!

Unfortunately, the dry cake mix should be sprinkled over the blueberries. Not one to give up easily, I determined that the cake mix with just oil and eggs mixed in should be fine. Kind of like a cobbler, right? I dropped the batter by the spoonful on top of the blueberries, and put it in the oven.

A peek at it after fifteen minutes revealed that it wasn’t doing much. And it looked nasty. Anemic-looking blobs atop invisible blueberries. In an effort to improve its questionable visual appeal, I poked and prodded a little to have some of the berries poking through and continued to bake it.

It smelled delightful; however, my df girl remarked that it didn’t look very appetizing–only she was less gracious in her wording. My Love suggested covering it with whipped cream. Brilliant.

Well, just so you know, it was not a loss at all. In fact, it was a great hit. One person even asked if she could take the last serving home for later. Whew!

Take heart, fellow Masters of Kitchen Mishaps. Even ‘one of those days’ can be redeemed.


4 thoughts on “kitchen mishaps

  1. Love it! I’ve had many kitchen mishaps myself, but I’ve learned to laugh at myself. 🙂 Like the time I tried substituting pineapple juice for oil, or the time I added chickpeas to spaghetti sauce because I was bored. NOT the best idea! Ah well, live and learn! 🙂


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