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simple fall decor & diy rustic pumpkins

This fall found us back on the road for several weeks, which found me rather negligent in terms of this blog.

Before the Christmas decorations make their appearance, I thought I should take note of the fleeting fall decor.  It really doesn’t hang around long, does it?  Winter seems to last forever here; our spring comes late.  We hang on to the last vestige of summertime weather, leaving little time for the full enjoyment of fall’s vibrant colours, delicious seasonal flavours and transitional weather before–you guessed it–we’re back to winter.

I don’t make major updates to my decor as the season changes, but I do like to record what I put out each year.  I often use only a few seasonal items, often using colour as my biggest changeup.  My decor is pretty neutral, so that’s always a fun and simple way to get a different feel.  Sometimes, it’s more about texture or pattern.  I love the beachy vibes of sea and sand for summer; but, really, who doesn’t look forward to warm hues and cozy blankets as the temperature drops?

This year, I didn’t add much, as I knew we’d be traveling.  But I did make some easy rustic pumpkins from bits of leftover wood.


These were super simple and fit well with farmhouse, rustic or beachy decor. I didn’t even cut the leftover wood; it was just whatever scraps I had on hand.  You could, of course, cut yours to specific sizes, even round the top corners, if you wish.  I liked the simplicity of the blocky look.  I gave the wood a quick, dry-brushed coat of paint.  Next, I trimmed a piece of driftwood for the stem and hot-glued it in place.  I wrapped twine around the stem, leaving some loose tendrils and some glued into spirals.  My Love said they looked like paddles.  Hmmmph. Perhaps, I’ll add a few leaves next year–burlap? Anyhow, I like them as is.

Here they are on a lovely charcuterie board (made by a friend) with an old enamelled pie plate filled with pinecones, dollar store acorns and a candle that was given to me as a hostess gift one year.


Here’s a few other additions to our tiny kitchen space:

I love banners, especially ones made from book pages or sheet music.
I kinda went old school here with a sampler a sweet friend made for me years ago–1998 to be exact!  I’ve always had a soft spot for old bottles.

The living room stayed mostly the same, with a few cozy blankets and a couple of autumn-ish accents added in:

Not much changed here…but I’m quite certain someone ‘un-layers’ my frames when I’m not watching.
You can find my artwork in my Etsy shop or on Facebook.
These mercury glass gourds are some of my fall favourites!
My Love brought me this earthy vase from a business trip in Mexico.  I love the colour and texture!
The beachy hurricane with sea glass was swapped out with a lantern (a recent steal at Michaels–2 in a grab bag for $4!!!–Start the car!!!) and burgundy candle.  I got this beautiful handmade bowl from the Hand of Man Show in Ontario; I tossed in some old keys for good measure.  And that sweet boy…swoon.

Well, that’s about it.  I’ll be saying fare-thee-well to the fall decor soon.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

I think I may hear some Christmas music playing….

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