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spring cleaning ~ closet purge


I was going to wait to do this until I was finished my spring cleaning, but it’s been a bit of a slow process around here.  It seems the warm weather motivated y’all long ago, but we still have the furnace going most days around here.

I did begin the purging process in my room back in March.  I don’t know about you, but whenever we travel, I am inspired to tidy–not necessarily clean, but purge and organize.  I don’t like to come home to a messy house.  I also find it hard to concentrate on packing when things are chaotic.

We had a wonderful visit for close to three weeks with supporting churches in the US in March (see here).  I always begin by doing some weather-watching to see what I need to pack.  In this case, I had to cover three seasons’ worth!  It was winter weather here.  The Carolinas were still quite cool; it even snowed a little one day in Charlotte! Louisiana was quite warm.  Summery (for us) kinda weather.  Whew…that meant I’d need to pack multi-functional, layering clothes if I was going to get away with just a carry-on suitcase.  I’ll share some of my packing tricks in another post.

A bit of a bunny trail, there.  In order to assess my clothing situation for such diverse packing, I needed to take stock.  Some things were easy:  items I wear frequently.  My summery clothes needed a quick try-on (just in case…you know the way winter pounds sneak up).  Because my closet is small, aaannnddd I share it with My Love, my [specifically] summer clothes (like shorts and some dresses, etc.) go into a storage tote.  That meant dragging the bin up from the basement before its usual time.  Thus began my clothing purge.

Do you have a process when you purge your closet?  Here’s mine:

  1. Remove items from closet and/or dresser drawers
    • throw ’em all on the bed like me…or…
    • take each item out individually for consideration
  2. Evaluate each piece, one at a time
    • go through the purging checklist
    • be brutally honest
    • try it on
    • have an unbiased helper to decide (my df girl is perfect for this job…she tells me exactly what she thinks!)
    • make sure you can pair it with at least one other item in your closet/dresser
  3. Determine final destination: toss, keep or donate
    • have an ‘unsure’ pile if necessary, then go through the process one more time
  4. Return to closet or drawer in an organized fashion
    • I like to organize by kind (ie long sleeve blouses, short sleeve blouses, dressy tanks, skirts, dresses, jackets and some cardigans in the closet and everything else grouped together and folded in dresser drawers)
    • here’s a trick to further your purge:
☞   When returning items to your closet, turn the hangers to face you.  As you wear the clothes, return them with the hanger facing inside.  Next year, get rid of any item that is still facing you…you didn’t wear it for 365 days!

closet purge checklist

You can download this checklist here.

This was my process; it took a good two or three hours, start to finish.  Here’s the disastrous “before”:







As you can see My Love gets about one third of the closet.  He doesn’t really mind; he’s quite pragmatic about his wardrobe.  Oh how I miss the walk in closet from our old house.  I love these flocked hangers.  I bought a giant box of  them years ago from Costco.  I did move the skirts over to the other end so I didn’t have to look at the plastic hangers. Extra shelves expand storage and offers easy accessibility.
Full disclosure:  these are not all of my shoes.  I really like shoes.  It’s difficult to part with them.  I have several pairs on a rack in the basement and usually a pair or two in the front hall closet.  These are my ‘go-to’s.  I used to buy cheap shoes, so I could have a wide variety.  As I get older, I need more support for aching feet, so I try to get better quality shoes.  I am weeding out the others….slowly.  You can find a similar shoe rack here.
I saw this trick on Pinterest.  Perfect solution for floppy tall boots.  Just cut a pool noodle to size and voila!  No more droopy boots!
I don’t have space to hang my scarves, so I roll them and keep them in this cute wire market basket.  I believe I found this at the SuperStore eons ago.  It’s filled many purposes in its lifetime! You can find a similar one here.
Okay…I also have a thing for bags.  My Love has bought two really nice leather purses for me.  I did keep a couple of other favourites, as well. I have two dressy clutches that I keep for special occasions (a neutral and a coloured one).  I have various totes for every occasion, whether it’s for a beach day, an overnight trip, or to carry Bible study paraphernalia–I’m covered.
My drawer for tops still has a few too many items.  I like to store my t-shirts and tank tops like this so I can see what I’m looking for. I group tank tops, layering camis, regular t’s, long sleeved t’s, and special t’s together.  I’m noticing a few colours in there that are repeated, so I’ll probably go back and remove some more.

I ended up with a garbage bag of clothes and shoes to toss and a recycling bag with items to donate.  My df girl took a couple of cardigans for herself (she often borrows my cardigans–makes me feel pretty hip 😛 ) and some for the consignment store.  She takes clothes fairly regularly (she purges often!) and has made some spending money this way.

As you can see, our room is pretty tiny.  Our bed, two nightstands and two dressers leaves a path around the perimeter of the bed and little more.  I cannot afford to keep unnecessary items!  Unfortunately, this room often gets the bits and pieces from the day to keep the main rooms tidy.  I’m trying to break that habit!

Weeding out the unnecessary stuff in your wardrobe–and your life–is freeing!  My closet now makes me smile.

Are you ready to thin your wardrobe?  Changing seasons are a great time to get to it!

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5 thoughts on “spring cleaning ~ closet purge

  1. That is one really great checklist, I am definitely going to be decluttering soon so I can have a garage sale and get rid of a lot of my stuff.

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  2. I think most of the clothes in my closet are way out of style! I’ll keep them though because they are in good shape.
    I have a lot of purging I need to do, so these tips are very helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear you are inspired to look at your closet situation. I’ve always been that way, too, until I had to share a tiny closet with my husband 🙂


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