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I’m playing a bit of catch-up here…

If you remember, I mentioned that we had a wonderful visit with our Alberta girl back in April.  It had been a full year since we’d seen her–two years since our df girl and cl boy had seen her.

Last week, we met our cb girl and her family in the charming province of Prince Edward Island for a couple of days before heading home together.  They’ll be here for about three weeks!  Woohoo!


While we were in PEI–the home of ‘Bud the Spud‘, Anne of Green Gables, red dirt and potatoes–we met up with a sweet friend.  She and her family, and her parents (who are also dear friends) moved west to British Columbia as the Lord led them into camp ministry.  We love this clan.  From the moment we met, we felt like family.  Isn’t that the way sometimes?  We have many friends and acquaintances around the world, but there are a handful or two who are family to us.  The manner in which we were brought together is a story in itself.  In some ways, it is because of this relationship that we are here in the maritimes.

My love was downsized from his job as a senior manager with PepsiCo in 2012 and received a great severance package. He had the best part of the year with full pay (and a raise, to boot!) and time on his hands.  He and our techie boy went on a missions outreach trip to North Carolina to gain experience and learn new methods in evangelism. While there, he met a sweet couple and their daughter from PEI.  They became fast friends.  This couple happened to be the directors of a Bible camp, and asked my love if he would be willing to fill in for a speaker for family camp who may not have been able to speak due to an illness.  (This speaker also happens to be one of our dearest friends.  He was suffering with arthritis of the vocal chords and his voice was barely above a whisper.) My love agreed, adding that we’d never been to PEI, so we would plan to go to camp and he would be on standby. The rest, as they say, is history.  We stayed a few days with them after camp, as well, got to know them and their beautiful family.  We had a kinship; we were all part of the family of God.

It was at this camp that we also met up with another family.  They minister at a church in the east coast with a vision for evangelism and church planting.  Through our relationship with them (we met in subsequent years, and a few visits), their church became our sending church.

That is one of the many marvellous benefits of being a Christian.  Not only do we have a relationship with the King of Kings, but we also have a special bond with His people.  We are never alone when we belong to Him. He is with us always, and He uses His children to encourage and help one another.  What a blessing!

We enjoyed too few hours with this lovely woman, but it was beyond fantastic to see her.  Her parents will be here soon, hopefully we’ll be able to make the trip again to meet up with them.


Our df girl also has a couple of besties over there, and she was able to hang out with them for a bit and, of course, share the obligatory Starbucks drink.

The girls were trying to cross the tide pool without stepping on hermit crabs!
In the background is the beautiful St. Dunstan’s Basilica Cathedral.
This cobblestone street is closed off to traffic. There are colourful picnic tables lining the road, painted with checker boards just waiting for someone to sit and play awhile.
Point Prim Lighthouse was built in 1845 and is the first lighthouse in PEI and one of the few round lighthouses in Canada.


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