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This Mother’s Day weekend has me pining a little for ‘my other home.’  I so wish I could be there to spend the day with my sweet mom.  Not only that, but my talented northern boy is having his second cd release concert and my equally talented techie boy will be doing an opening set for him.  Everyone but our Alberta girl is together for the weekend–including my mom.


My mom has put up with a lot from me.  As a kid I’m sure there were many sacrifices that went unnoticed.  Certainly I was a bit of a handful when I was a teen and adulthood most definitely brought a wagon-load of eccentricities.  When my oldest girl got married, I apologized to my mom for being completely self-centred.  I had no idea that life changes, like kids getting married, were so hard on a parent!  My mom in her usual sweet, rose-coloured glasses way simply replied, “You were wonderful, dear.”

She often tearfully tells me how proud she is of me and my family.  Yet, I know I put her through the wringer more times than I can count.  I often made choices that would make her shake her head in wonder.  Yet, she always stood by me, even if she didn’t agree with me.

Leaving my mom behind as we followed God’s leading in ministry was, in many ways, harder than leaving my grown children and grandlittles.  With my dad and only brother gone, I felt it was my responsibility to be close by to help.  Her sisters, friends and grandchildren are all ready to be there for her, for which I am so grateful, but I still want it to be me. Which brings me full circle. I am not there.


For now, that is not my lot in life.  I will continue to miss her and wish I was closer.  I’ll give her a call, maybe shed a tear or two.  I know it’s hard for her, too.  But, she understands that this is where we need to be, where God has placed us and she supports us in that.

That’s what we do as moms, isn’t it?  Raise our children to do the things they are meant to do. Let them go when that time has come.  Encourage and support them in their endeavours.  If I am even half the mother that my mom is, I will be thankful.

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