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new grandlittles & joy tests

We finished up our Bible Study 101/Psalm 119 study and started a new topic in our Ladies’ Bible Study.  We decided to use the Pure Joy Bible Reading Challenge from as our springboard. We’ve only done two weeks and my joy has already been put to the test.  My Northern boy and his lovely wife just had a beautiful, tiny baby girl.  My cb girl and her husband just had a precious baby girl, as well.  Two reasons to rejoice–two new grandlittles in less than two weeks–but miles and miles stretching between us.

If that was not enough to pull at this momma’s heartstrings, my northern boy’s little one also had some health issues and is now hospitalized.  Sharing my distressed son’s concern  was virtually pulling those heartstrings out by the roots.  I longed to be close.  To be able to help out with the boys.  To hug them all as they processed all that was happening.  To hold my sweet granddaughter.  I offered to fly out early.  My boy felt it was best to stick to the original plan (my df girl and I would fly out in mid February). So the distance loomed before me. And yet, despite not a few tears, I was amazingly at peace.  I prayed for this precious little one before she was born. I continued to pray for her once she entered the world.  I prayed ‘without ceasing’ as she battled her illness.  I will always pray for her–as I will for all of my children and grandlittles.

Don’t get me wrong.  I was obviously not happy that she faced this trial just days into her life.  I still cried and fretted at times, but I had entrusted her to an almighty God.  He is my strength.  He is my northern boy’s strength, my daughter-in-love’s strength.  And I prayed that He would be the strength of this beautiful wee girl.  God is good.  He held my heart as I struggled.  He gave me His peace that passes understanding.  A quiet joy.  Not a boisterous, gleeful joy, but a calming joy in knowing that He is by our side as we walk this journey. We are not promised a life without sorrow or hardships, just a reassurance that He knows, He cares and He gives us the strength we need to face it.

God is good. He gave us not one, but two, beautiful ‘bundles of joy’ to love.  He has also given us two rambunctious grandsons, who faced their own trials early in life (premature twins). And we have the excitement of awaiting a fifth blessing this summer. I am anxious to hop on that plane to snuggle these new girls of ours.

Praise God, this sweet little girl is doing much better and her little cousin is also doing well.  Having six kids, has taught me that I will always feel protective.  I will always fret a little.  I will spend many hours on my knees.  It’s part of growing up for them–and for me.

You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.
~Isaiah 26:3



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