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christmas gifting ~ mermaid tail and nemo cocoon blanket

There are a couple of kids at our church that I babysit quite regularly and I thought it would be nice to make them something special for Christmas.

The little girl is four and loves Frozen and princesses and all things girly. When I saw the mermaid tail blankets, I thought it was a perfect idea for her. I had a few balls of yarn that I wanted to use up…score and score.  Sorry…I can’t remember if it was Lion Brand Homespun or Loops and Threads Cozy yarn.

There are many fishtail blankets out there. I used this pattern because I like the way the shell stitch looks like scales.  Overall, I would say it’s fairly straightforward and not too difficult.  Because I don’t have a lot of experience following crochet patterns, I started off quite well but lost some ground as I began working in the round.  It may have been better my first time around to make it flat and sew up the back, as it seems a little wonky at the back where I started in the round.  The back is partially open for ease of slipping into the blanket.

It was my first try at the shell stitch, and I rather liked it.  I alternated between one row of the pale purple and two rows of the turquoise multi (because I had more of it).  I think a single row of each would have made a nicer pattern.  I added a darker purple row every few rounds.

In hindsight, I probably should have used a larger hook.  I believe I used a nine for the body and an eight for the tail–maybe an eight and seven?  It took a whole lot more yarn than I expected; but, perhaps this was partly due to the too-small-hook.  I ended up buying another ball of the purple to finish the tail and trim.  This is a super soft and cozy blanket!

This little girl has a two-year-old brother.  I figured I would make him something, as well.  When I saw this Nemo blanket, I was hooked.  (Pun intended.)  It’s just too cute.  (Side note:  if you are still unfamiliar with ravelry, you should check it out.  They have so many lovely, free patterns.)  I had the mermaid tail under my belt at this point, making a better finish.  The pattern also started at the bottom, so perhaps that helped me. I used a number six crochet hook, and Red Heart Soft yarn in tangerine, black and white.  As the name suggests, it is quite soft and silky.  A lovely finish all in all.

If this motivates you to dig out your crochet hooks, take a look at my Pinterest board for some inspiration.  My hooks won’t get much of a break…I have two new grandlittles coming in February!  You can see the blankets I made for my first two grandlittles here.

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I’m in the midst of putting baby patterns on their own board…my crochet board was getting rather full!


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