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blended iced coffee

I am a coffee snob.  There, I said it.  First step to recovery, right?  I hope not.  I really like coffee.

Hot coffee.  Cold coffee. Espresso.  An occasional latte or Americano. The odd flavoured coffee is okay; but I prefer freshly ground, bold blends, even in my Keurig. Those are my ‘druthers’ but in a pinch I’ll drink any decent kind.  I usually drink it black, but in the summer I enjoy a glass of slightly sweetened iced coffee like the Pioneer Woman makes, or a frappe made with frozen coffee.

Tonight my Love came home from a long day of hard labour helping out a friend (he’s not feelin’ twenty anymore), so after dinner I made him a treat.

It was simple and tasty.  I had cold, leftover coffee in the fridge (not cold brewed this time), and some coffee that I’d made into ice cubes–I really don’t like to dump coffee down the drain.  Five or six ice cubes went in my mini blender cup, a spoonful of sweetened condensed milk and cold coffee to fill the cup. Some vanilla, chocolate or maple syrup would be a delicious add-in!  Easy, right?  I gave it a whirr in the Ninja, and next thing you know, we’re sipping a lovely concoction that would have been considerably more pricey had we gone out for one!


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