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impromptu seafood night

So…I live in a small town.  The nearest large town is about an hour away.  I had a dentist appointment which is in another town, which is halfway to said large town.  Of course that meant that I should probably keep driving after my appointment since we were needing a few things for our new place.  Despite my frozen, lopsided smile and my numb left nostril, I determinedly carried on.

The bonus offered in a trip to a large town is a grocery store other than the Co-op.  Don’t get me wrong the Co-op meets most of our nutritional needs, but it is nice to get a few out-of-the-ordinary items from larger stores–and stock up on the sales.

On this particular trip, I had one cooler bag and no icepacks.  Naturally.  The meat I’d purchased filled the bag and I had some things that needed to be kept cool left over.  The cashier was thoughtful and double-bagged it for me, suggesting I get some ice from the seafood counter.  Sounds logical, but time was not on my side.  I was running way late and our supper guests would be arriving shortly after my return.  (My Love was grilling, so I was not in dire straits.)  I decided to chance it and just blast the air con all the way home.  It was a chilly ride, even for a woman at ‘that age’ who has just been rushing madly about.

Thankfully, the cold stuff remained cold in my frosty car.  Unfortunately, the shrimp that was a very good price and the scallops that I bought as an extra special treat, or to perhaps add to chowder, had just begun to thaw, though they were in my cooler bag.  That meant it was into the refrigerator and not into the freezer.  That also meant an impromptu seafood dinner the next evening.

Sadly, my df girl was not there to share it.  My carb boy ate chicken fingers while my Love and I savoured our seafood dinner.  I used this recipe for Garlic Scallops (minus the parsley) from Ciao Florentina. It was delicious!

The shrimp was pre-cooked.  So all it received was a quick heat in butter and garlic and a spoonful of Old Bay Seasoning…yum!

Ahhh…A thing of beauty.  I can’t say I’m sad about our serendipitous meal.  I can’t even say I’m entirely sorry I didn’t have to share it with my df girl. Well, maybe just a little.

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