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marriage: it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful (part one)

I’ve been seeing lots of “love your spouse challenge” pics lately and it got me thinking about marriage.  My love and I will be celebrating thirty years in a few weeks, and I can honestly say that though our marriage is far from perfect, to me it is beautiful.  (you can read cuppa love, if you’d…… Continue reading marriage: it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful (part one)

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joy in the everyday ~ nehemiah 8:10b

God is good.  Always.  Even in the hard things.  Those are the times when we see Him at work.  We feel the strength that comes from Him and the joy in knowing our God is an awesome God, able to do marvellous things. And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for…… Continue reading joy in the everyday ~ nehemiah 8:10b

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no bake chocolate cookies

Gluten-free? Check.  Dairy-free? Check. Yesterday, we had some guests over that have some dietary restrictions.  I don’t mind cooking this way as it is not entirely new to me. My dairy-free girl’s diet is, well, dairy free.   She has a very sensitive tummy and we have tried to determine the underlying issues with the…… Continue reading no bake chocolate cookies

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impromptu seafood night

So…I live in a small town.  The nearest large town is about an hour away.  I had a dentist appointment which is in another town, which is halfway to said large town.  Of course that meant that I should probably keep driving after my appointment since we were needing a few things for our new place.  Despite…… Continue reading impromptu seafood night

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joy in the everyday ~ psalm 4:7

I thought I would simply start adding some Bible verses about the joy that comes from knowing the Saviour.  Perhaps they will prompt you to read the whole passage, or to study further. I made this particular graphic in Affinity Designer.  The background is a free watercolour that I downloaded a while ago; I believe…… Continue reading joy in the everyday ~ psalm 4:7

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spicin’ up my life

I enjoy organizing.  I like to know where things are.  I like to group similar things together.  I like to have a system.  I like to control my chaos.  Trouble is, I am not so good on the follow -through, the staying organized.  I am a wannabe.  (see here) As I unpacked our boxes, I found more baskets…… Continue reading spicin’ up my life

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see, i have told you beforehand

I am not an avid reader, watcher or listener of the news.  While I am usually aware of current events, I find it difficult to devote much time to reading what are more often than not depressing accounts. I am not confrontational by nature; I do not wish to start any arguments, but it’s quite impossible to…… Continue reading see, i have told you beforehand