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In my last post I mentioned some favourite memories of my grandparents. Since I’ve been enjoying time with wonderful friends and family, and my amazing kids and grandlittles in particular, I thought I’d share some of the projects I’ve actually completed that I hope will remind my sweet baby boys how much their Gramma loves them.

A whispered, “Guess what…”

A giggly, “What?”

A race to be the first to say, “I love you!”

Tickles, hugs, and nosey-nosey kisses.

When my kids were little I’d play this little game. Now I’ll be playing it with my grandlittles.  This touching amusement inspired me to make a keepsake book for them.

The book conveys how I loved them from the minute I knew they were expected.  I included some watercolours I’d painted, some photos of my northern boy and his wife, ultrasound pics, pregnancy photos and announcements, Bible verses, book quotes, and sheet music for ‘Jesus Loves Me.’

This is the story:

Guess what…I love you!
Your daddy and I would play this little game. We would race to see who could say “I love you” faster. It always ended with giggles and a big, squeezy hug…sometimes some nosey-nosey kisses, too.

Guess what…I loved you from the very start. The day your mommy and daddy told me you were expected…I loved you.  I loved you when we got the next exciting news…not one baby to love, but two!

Guess what…I loved you as I watched your mommy’s tummy growing bigger and rounder. I loved you as I watched, in anticipation, as her belly shifted with your tumbling.

Guess what…I love your Daddy so much! I’m so amazed to think he will have two little ones of his own. Is it silly that I still think of him as my own precious baby?
Guess what…I love your mommy. I love her as one of my very own daughters. I know she will be a wonderful mommy to you.

Guess what…Jesus loves you! He knew you and loved you before the beginning of time!
“Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for you.” ~ Psalm 93:4

Guess what…I prayed for you every day you were in your mommy’s tummy. I asked God to keep you safe. I asked God to make you healthy, for each tiny hand and foot to be perfectly formed. I asked God to give you a beautiful heart – one that would be prepared to know Him and to love Him.
I remember how my dad, your great grampy, couldn’t wait to sneak a peek at each new little one’s perfect baby feet.
“I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvellous are your works and that my soul knows very well.” ~ Psalm 139:14

Guess what…I will continue to pray for you every day forever. I will thank God for giving me this wonderful gift in you.
“One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts.” ~Psalm 145:4

Guess what…Whether you live near or far, you are in my heart wherever you are. Know that I will smile every day just because I’m thinking of you.
“You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I will always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.” ~Peter Pan

I love you more than all the houses.
When I was a little girl, this is what I would tell my mom, your great-grandma. It seemed there were a great many houses – as far as the eye could see – in our city. That meant that I loved her very, very much.

Guess what…I love you more than all the houses.

Until this project, I’d only ever made Walmart and Costco Photo Books. I decided to take a Facebook poll for favourite photo book sites, and  both Shutterfly and Mixbook had raving reviews. I decided to try both because I was, after all, making two books.  I used the same story, photos, and watercolours, but they were each a little different because of the layouts, backgrounds and stickers available from each company.

Both sites were relatively user-friendly once I got the hang of it.  There were a few minor applications in which I preferred one over the other, but nothing that would keep me from making another book from either. Both companies often offer special deals and Shutterfly, in particular, has extended free items with only the cost of shipping.  (I was able to score a lovely little photo book of our grandlittles this way.) I thought the quality was excellent on both counts, and the colour quite true to what I’d expected. The binding also appears to be of similar quality.  I do like that my Mixbook book was printed in Canada. Here’s the breakdown, cost-wise:

8.5×8.5″Classic Square Hardcover Photo Book 21 pages
Subtotal $30.99
Shipping $10.82
Tax $0.00
Discount -$9.30
Total $32.51

8×8 Book 20 Pages $19.99
Storytelling Style – Potts Designs 5.99
8×8 Book – Hard photo cover 10.00
Subtotal $35.98
Shipping and Handling: $7.99
Discount: -$14.40
Tax: $0.00
Total for this recipient: $29.57

As you can see, the prices, too, were quite comparable.  I hope this may inspire you to make a keepsake book for someone special in your life.

I also made these crocheted blankets with a personalized tag for my cutie-patooties.

Now I just need to make sure I’m not getting in over my head…with six kids, I’m sure to have a few more grandkids…

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