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feathering our nest

Have I told you I’m excited to have a place to call home?  In case this is news to you, I have been living a nomadic life for two whole years.  You can read a little about my journey here, here and here. It’s been fun uncovering long forgotten treasures as we go through box…… Continue reading feathering our nest

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reflections of my heart

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have so many feelings and thoughts running laps in my head that it seems  I could very well explode. I love it when I’m standing with other Christians, worshiping the Lord together, and the music just expresses this jumble of emotions so well. No comments, just some of the…… Continue reading reflections of my heart

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lobster leftovers…no really

Lobster leftovers.  Akin to bacon leftovers.  Or cheesecake.  As mentioned before (here and here), we like to cook more than we need for a meal.  That’s the only way we have leftovers for rolls or sandwiches, and chowder. I believe I may need to try one of those delicious pasta recipes, as well.   Lobster Rolls…… Continue reading lobster leftovers…no really

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june bugs and hard days

June bugs.  I don’t especially appreciate these nasty bugs who seem to fly without any direction or purpose into my window and worse…into my person. They’re pesky.  Annoying.  But not the worst that June has to offer.  Like early spring, June can be a difficult time for me as it is yet another reminder of…… Continue reading june bugs and hard days

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soup’s on ~ chowdah

Since we began traveling to the east coast, we have been on a quest for the best cup of seafood chowder.  There have been many tasty samples along the way, but I think our favourite, as yet, has been the offering from the Water-Prince Corner Shop in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  I believe we first heard…… Continue reading soup’s on ~ chowdah

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heart abandoned

We finished up our ladies’ Bible study on Beth Moore’s David: Seeking a Heart Like His. If you’ve never done a Beth Moore study, I would highly recommend it.  She has a wonderful, engaging way of digging into God’s Word.  Her video segments are energetic, heart-felt and relatable.  You could just watch the videos and you…… Continue reading heart abandoned