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gotta see a man about a lobster

It’s spring lobster season here on the east coast.  My Love’s favourite time of year.  He’s heading down to the harbour to buy a few beauties right off the fishing boat.  We’ll enjoy a lobster dinner tonight with some friends, and probably lobster rolls, or sandwiches tomorrow to share, as well. Lobster has a way of bringing people together.

I’m making potato salad to go along with said crustaceans. They just seem to go together. I thought I’d try this new recipe: Red Lobster Copycat Cheddar Bay Biscuits instead of rolls this time.  While having a lobster dinner with some friends a couple of years ago, I learned about this potato salad recipe from Food52.  You can eat it roasted, warm or cold, but it’s equally good with cold boiled potatoes, which is what we’re having tonight.

I like to add a little green onion or whatever onion I happen to have; sometimes I throw in celery or shredded carrot.  You could add hard-boiled egg, if that makes a potato salad for you.  I don’t miss eggs at all. The dressing really is the star of this show. You can crush your garlic for your dressing, but I actually enjoy mincing it by hand…kinda therapeutic.  Oh, and please use real mayo.  Not only does it work for my df girl, but the flavours will be off if you try to use the salad dressing version. It’s best to add the dressing while the potatoes are still slightly warm to have the flavours really meld.   This potato salad seems to be a hit whenever I serve it, though younger kids may find the raw garlic a little overwhelming.

We were so eager to dig in that I didn’t get any more pictures.  Rest assured, it was a lovely, messy dinner!

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