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home is where you are

This is a re-write, as the first post went awol.  Don’t ask me how this non-techie momma lost an entire original post. I’m at a total loss. Anyway…I’ll try my best to recall my thoughts…

We recently passed the one-year marker of our move to the east coast. This has added a bit of drama to the neat little world of my dreams. I have not had my own home since 2013. We volunteered at a day camp that year, and lived in the house provided. The house was fairly well equipped, so a good portion of our belongings went into storage. We then felt the Lord nudging us along. We just weren’t sure where. That was when the rest of our possessions got tucked away into the storage unit. With a suitcase a piece and a few extras that would fit into our Honda Civic, we stepped out of our comfort zone, and moved forward on a long, winding path to this place. As I said, we’ve now been here one year, and we are still waiting for a place to settle.

You see, the church-plant town has few rentals.  There are only a handful more homes for sale—and most would be a little out of our limited budget. We trust the One who brought us here to bring us to the right home at the right time. But I admit…it’s not easy. Sometimes I feel discouraged to the point of weariness.  We know we can trust Him; He has proven faithful in providing shelter in the interim. He and His people have seen our needs and met them in wonderful ways, just in time.

The first cottage that we were able to use was cute and practical in every way. We stayed there for our six-week exploratory time here. We left for Ontario as we awaited the birth of our grandlittles, and the final verdict of those who would decide if we were a good fit for the new church plant. We got a green light.  The generous couple who own this home move back here for the summer, so we would not be able to return to it. We had no idea where we would live when we came back; but, of course, He did.


A lovely widower offered a quaint little cottage nestled beside the brook. Our favourite place was the lovely sunroom overlooking the brook where we were able to listen to its babbling and to spy on several animal visitors, including a mama beaver and her babies that scrambled to hitch a ride on her back. This cottage was not winterized so we waited to see what the Lord would provide come fall, as there still was little movement on a home in town.

That is when this beautiful place was offered to us, at the eleventh hour, by a super sweet couple from our sending church. There is a snug little perch with a view of the river below. We enjoy our morning coffee there, as we observe the deer serenely sipping from the river’s edge and the eagles soaring majestically overhead. The odd beaver makes an appearance and there are various birds that provide their own kind of entertainment.

We all helped to haul and stack a good supply of wood to keep us toasty through the winter. My Love faithfully mans the woodstove to make sure the cottage is always cozy. We’re still whittling away at it, though less work is required as the weather warms up.

photo credit to my df girl

Alas, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Vacationers will be enjoying this spectacular view, and, no doubt, will be taking cooling dips in the river. I know they will enjoy this lovely spot as much as we have.

So that brings us to our current dilemma: where will we go? I waffle between confidence in God’s faithful, generous nature, to feeling anxious about the whole affair (still knowing that He is, indeed, generous and faithful).

I have learned some valuable lessons along the way:

  • I must hold onto my possessions loosely. They are not nearly as important as I once thought.
  • I can live like a nomad. Many do so with far less.
  • I can live as a minimalist. I don’t require as much as I think I do (read shoes…I do love shoes).
  • If God brings me to it, He will bring me through it.
  • God doesn’t always meet my needs in the expected way. I must be flexible and trust Him.  God answers prayer His way, not mine, even when I try to tell Him what would be best.
  • Detours are not always a nuisance; sometimes they’re even for our benefit. While we would like to be in town, we have been blessed to connect with many wonderful Christians of our sending church.
  • Sometimes I need the detours to put me in the right place: that place where God needs me–physically, spiritually and emotionally.
  • God’s timing is always perfect.
  • I’m just passing through this world. I’m “a pilgrim and sojourner,” here and I look forward to my forever home, as we’re told in Hebrews 11:16, “But now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them.”

Do I regret having taken this path? Not a bit. I know that wherever God leads my husband, I will be alongside him. I know that wherever I live, it is home. I know that it is home, because I am with my Love, my children and all those that come and share it with us.

I made this piece of art for my husband last year for Christmas.  Little did I know how true the words would be.  Home is where you are…




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