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be jealous

Be jealous. My family is so classy. We’re sitting in the car listening to music. Inspirational music.  Praise and worship music.  Carb boy starts burping…a lot. “What on earth?” I query.  He explains that he and his oldest brother play a burp along to the song game. “What?  Seriously?” I respond.  In case you missed the connection, that means you burp to music.  Like a weird sort of percussion instrument. Gives beatboxing a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

burp!Along the same thought, we were sitting some time ago watching a movie when I look over to see them all chewing on their fingers/nails. “Stop chewing,” I demand. They all look at me sheepishly. “Of all the things you could get from your father, it had to be chewing,” I complain.

My df girl looks at me and solemnly replies, “You’d rather it was burping?”

I know…it’s a natural bodily function.  Everyone burps.  Ya. Ya.  But do we need to make it a fine art?

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