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This past week or so has been full of traveling and eating and sitting.  There was a little hiking and walking-touring thrown in, but not enough to counteract the inactivity of planes and cars, visiting and meetings.  I then came home to a lovely coffee and chocolate birthday cheesecake (she knows her momma well!) made by my thoughtful df girl and we ate the whole thing in two days.  It was truly delightful. Adjusting to the time change also left us feeling sluggish, which meant a day or two of relaxing with games and movies. Uggghhh…

want to have a healthy lifestyle.  It’s just so hard to follow through. (Remember I told you about that weakness here.)  Don’t get me wrong, we eat pretty conscientiously.  We try to eat mostly whole foods, though my carb-loving boy savours his pasta, bread and crackers.  I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy eating homemade food.  Sometimes, though, I just feel lazy.  Sometimes popcorn is not the snack of choice.  Sometimes only chocolate or something gooey will calm the craving.  This winter has been way too full of cocooning and noshing and I am feeling the full effects.  So today, I decided, is the day to get back at it.

My df girl and I broke out the Jillian Michael’s Extreme Shed and Shred dvd and got down to business.  I was pumped…unfortunately the head attitude was failing at its attempt to motivate the reluctant body.  After the warm-up I was already sweating and heaving.  I pushed on, though it almost killed me.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike burpees?

Despite the jelly legs and dripping workout clothes, I now feel invigorated.  It was good to get moving again…to feel energized by working hard.  I doubt I will ever be uber enthusiastic about exercise, I’d much rather spend an afternoon at the beach playing frisbee or waboba (though I’m not very coordinated), and taking long, leisurely walks.  However, I do feel inspired to make it more of a priority in my day.


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